Join us on our Sustainability journey

CHALLENGE  –  2020/21

Submit by March 7th


For the Gimo  Challenge 2020/21 we want your input to our green initiative "Green factory and sustainable facilities".
Get ready to compete!

Already in 2017 Sandvik Coromant started a sustainability initiative towards cutting the CO2 impact of the factories in half . Since no tool to evaluate such efforts exist on the market, we created our own: Green Factory & Sustainable Facilities. But we are not yet satisfied with our sustainability journey, which is why we turn to you to ask: What else can we do to develop our Green Factory?

What other aspects can be developed? What new technology can we use to make the factory even more sustainable? Can the factory perhaps run on self generating electricity? Can we have solar cells on the roof? Or should all our employees wear some kind of shoes that generate energy while they move?

We welcome all ideas and initiatives to the challenge, don't hesitate to set your imagination free!

University students in all academic fields and all levels from first year and up are welcome to participate. Our aim is to discover ideas and talents that could help and improve our Sustainability journey at Sandvik Coromant in Gimo. You can join as an individual or as a group.


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How can our green factory be further developed?


1. Find out more about Sandvik Coromant in Gimo

2. Develop your idea

Your idea should help us take steps towards achieving our goals of full circularity and cutting our CO2 impact in half, enhancing our role as a world leader in the metal cutting industry. This could be achieved in a number of ways such as:

  • environment

  • new technology

  • products

  • production process

  • distribution process

3. Formulate your concept and submit it

  • a brief description of your idea – one page is ideal

  • include a motivation on how your idea can improve Sandvik Coromant Gimo

  • fill in the formula and submit your idea before March 7th.


Your concept may be written in English or Swedish. 
The jury will select winners according to:

  • creativity

  • feasibility

  • possible outcome


Need inspiration?
Check out the winners of last year!

The participants of Gimo Challenge 2019/2020 were tasked to present innovative ideas on how to use 5G at our plant in Gimo. We got a lot of exciting ideas, but the following ideas were the prizewinners:

First prize – Elias Klaman:

For his idea of how Sandvik Coromant can use small drones for error identification & reparation of machines. 

Second prize – John Welsh:

For coming up with the idea of how an integrated ear protection system can improve employee well-being.

Third prize – Azin Salek:

Azin's idea built on giving visitors & employees SIM-ID tags for enhanced safety at the plant.

This is a campaign site for the Gimo Challenge. 
If you are looking for the official corporate web site, please go to Sandvik Coromant. 

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