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CHALLENGE  –  2022

Check out this years winners!
Winners 2022

Entrants in the Gimo Challenge 2022 we asked for students' input on the place of the human in the future of modern factories. We got a lot of exciting ideas, but the following ideas were the prizewinners:

Förstaplats_Viktoria Lönnstedt-sv.jpg

First prize – Victoria Lönnstedt:

Viktoria believes that we must rethink what robotization means for our working life. We used to think that robots would take over easy, practical tasks. But we are starting to see how AI will enable robots to take over the most advanced assignments. Viktoria means that in the future, humans working life will consist of more practical tasks, contrary to common beliefs. 

Andraplats_Matilda Kylberg-sv.jpg

Second prizeMatilda Kylberg:

Matilda’s idea revolves around automated communication via robots, machines, and technology. This could help foreign born to be more included in our society and be able to find work faster and easier and therefore be given more job opportunities. 


Third prizeJohan Strandh:

Johan’s idea is that there will be less heavy work, thanks to technology and AI. Machines will not entirely take over, because humans are needed to take care of the machines. 

 University students in all academic fields and all levels from first year and up are welcome to participate in Gimo Challenge. Our aim is to discover ideas and talents that could help and improve our sustainability journey at Sandvik Coromant in Gimo. Students can enter as an individual or as a group.

Every year, Sandvik Coromant, in Gimo, hosts a student competition in which students answer a pressing question about modern industries. The contestants compete for SEK 5.000, 3.000 and 2.000 gift cards for adventures and experiences from Live It.

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For Gimo Challenge 2022 , we want your input on the place of the human in the future of modern factories. To compete, submit a short text answering the question:
 "How will people’s work develop in step with the factory?” 

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Technology is advancing rapidly. Robots and artificial intelligence have entered the workforce, changing the way work is done. Factories are becoming more and more independent and autonomous. Will people be needed at all in the factories of the future? How will our roles change? And how can we make this transition as easy as possible? 


Using anything from imagination to technology to human resource initiatives, submit your idea about what Sandvik Coromant's Gimo factory and its workers might look like in the future.


Submit your idea here

How does the factory of the future look?


1. Find out more about Sandvik Coromant in Gimo

2. Develop your idea

Your idea should help us take steps towards achieving a new balance in the symbiosis of man and technology. This could be achieved in a number of ways such as:

  • environment

  • new technology

  • products

  • production process

  • distribution process

3. Formulate your concept and submit it

  • a brief description of your idea – one page is ideal

  • include a motivation on how your idea can improve Sandvik Coromant Gimo

  • fill in the formula and submit your idea before the closing date 25 April.


Your concept may be written in English or Swedish. 
The jury will select winners according to:

  • creativity

  • feasibility

  • possible outcome


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